Aug. 11, 2022

Repurposing content for different channels w/ Ben Gibert

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Ben Gibert, VP of Marketing at Spectrm, talks with Jeremy about repurposing content for different channels.


  • How to implement the "create once, distribute forever" concept
  • Why large projects lend themselves best to this strategy
  • Ways a podcast can energize your content 

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Memorable Quotes:

"We can take this huge report and we can repackage it and bundle it in ways that kind of enable action at every part of the funnel, which for us is a major win, because these are big investments in content. And so if we can do that and we can even enable upsell within the customer success team, so expanding accounts by showing them what's possible on other channels and kind of what the use cases are, there's a lot of opportunity to take that one piece of content and just repurpose it into so many formats that add value throughout the company."

"That's really the best way to grow is to focus on adding value, to focus on building relationships with people, to invite partners into the podcast, to explain launches that they're having that we're a part of and things like that."

"I think it opens you up to thinking about things that you didn't think about. You know, we can be very blinded in our everyday work lives. I think having a moment to get out of that space and to come into something that is more of a conversation where you feel like you get to learn people, where you can connect with people, where you can kind of also grow your network."