Sept. 28, 2022

Strategies for effective video marketing w/ Caroline Dunn

Caroline Dunn, Vice President of Marketing at Wahsega, talks with Jeremy about video marketing strategies.


  • Reasons people perceive video marketing as daunting
  • Simple first steps for producing video content in-house
  • Why you should listen to the needs of your customers and not create content for the sake of content

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Memorable Quotes:

"So we looked at okay, how do I show people that my product is easy to use, you know, show don't tell. And that's why we got into video. We wanted to show don't tell. "

"If you do a couple videos, don't go out and spend a whole bunch of money first. Go and do what can you do. I've made videos on my phone with 3000 views on LinkedIn. No microphone, on my phone. People will watch that."

" I don't wanna take away business from a real videographer who does great production. There is a place for that. You should be doing that. That's great, if you can afford all that, but you know, for small companies or people just trying to get their content out there, you don't need to go and spend a ton of money from the get go. Do what you can with what you have and then if you find yourself in a rhythm or find yourself, hey, I do need to move it to the next level, hire that crew."

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