Jan. 24, 2023

The art & science of B2B storytelling w/ Sarah Beldo

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Sarah Beldo, Head of Content Marketing and Communications at Sanity.io, talks with Jeremy about the art & science of B2B storytelling


  • Defining B2B storytelling: Creating a narrative that helps people connect with your brand
  • Using classic storytelling techniques to create a hook that engenders a sense of curiosity
  • The importance of centering storytelling on a main character or hero

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Memorable Quotes:

"I know in storytelling, people tend to talk about these tropes that anyone can relate to, good versus evil.. David and Goliath is like common storytelling tropes. We can pretty much work those in some way or another to like this video, a social post. Even an SEO focused piece of content, I find it's like something that makes people. identify, want to read more, and eventually wins their hearts and minds."

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