Aug. 16, 2022

The value of content communities w/ Colton Pond

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Colton Pond, VP, Head of Marketing at Truv, talks with Jeremy about creating content communities.


  • Why creating communities around content is a strong marketing strategy
  • How their podcast has helped grow their community
  • The importance of building relationships in the B2B landscape

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Memorable Quotes:

"This automatically creates that product market fit and allows your message to resonate because it's coming from your target audience. It's not coming from you and your perspective, you help mold that based on the competitive landscape that exists."

"A lot of people that don't come from B2B don't fully recognize this, but B2B buying cycles are relationship based. Your product has to be great, right? When the product evaluation happens, but you're not even gonna have a foot in the door or seat at the conversation table, unless you build relationships."

"If you write content, you have time to really think about it, right? Which can tailor and alter some of their thinking, sometimes make it better, but honestly, sometimes make it worse, because you overthink it. I love just the genuine, conversational nature of podcast and how it creates really genuine content to be able to consume."