Jan. 5, 2023

The value of publishing data-driven industry reports w/ Cynthia Wakeford

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Cynthia Wakeford, Head of Content, Brand, and Public Relations at GoodTime, talks with Jeremy about the value and power of data driven reports.


  • Why audiences tend to find data-driven reports so valuable and interesting
  • Using a 3rd party company to collect data vs. collecting data yourself
  • How to package and present data in a compelling way

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Memorable Quotes:

"So, front loading the investment in getting good, clean, accurate data that really points to your prospect audience. I think it's, I think it's sort of a foundational element for a really solid data driven content strategy"

"Are you giving your audiences truly useful content? , is it interesting? Is it unique in some way? So spending a lot of thought and time before you even get into designing the survey or creating the survey, thinking about how this content is really gonna serve that audience, and then how you're going to get it out to that audience over and over and over again."

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