Nov. 29, 2022

Tips for conducting a content audit w/ Courtney Roe

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Courtney Roe, Director of Content Strategy at Acquia, talks with Jeremy about doing a content audit.


  • What a content audit includes
  • Why company buy-in is necessary for a content audit
  • Important team members to include in your content audit

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Memorable Quotes:

"I think a content audit is worth doing because you can start to gain organic traction, and for me, being able to win traffic and leads and all of that for free almost, um, without having to pay for it for paid search or, um, paid marketing. I mean, that's my big goal, honestly, is so that we can try to do as much as we can organically."

"I'm a big proponent of doing more with less and so I feel like if you've got a content audit and you're in tune with what's in your content archives and your content arsenal, I guess, then you can really go out there with what you like more targeted, information and resources that are really in line with what you want and where you want your company to be."

"I would really highly recommend getting somebody who's skilled in technical SEO and has that knowledge and those capabilities and the ability to tap into those different software programs too, to pull everything, so that you're not necessarily investing in that in your company because that can get kind of pricey."

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