Dec. 8, 2022

Tips for managing a remote content marketing team w/ Kelly Bolton

Kelly Bolton, EVP, Marketing & Brand at OneScreen, talks with Jeremy about managing a remote content marketing team.


  • The best strategies for managing a global team
  • The pros and cons of working remotely
  • How to leverage a remote team

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Memorable Quotes:

"You have to work harder at it. I believe you do. And be more deliberate about it. And it helps when you have a personality that joins the team, that enjoys being more deliberate about it."

"I think now people have a choice. And, I can't tell you the number of people that have told me before, I would never work remote. I would have to come into the office. I need, I really have to have that. And so many of them now feel like they couldn't go back to an office every day"

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