Oct. 11, 2022

Tips for soliciting and managing crowd-sourced content w/ Jaclyn Robinson

Jaclyn Robinson, Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Crunchbase, talks with Jeremy about turning your audience into content creators.


  • How to build an "external content engine" that empowers your audience to create and submit content
  • How to manage crowd-sourced content for quality and consistency
  • Aligning content created externally with your company's vision

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Memorable Quotes:

"A lot of the way that we have built this, I guess contributed content engine, is by connecting and building relationships with folks that are in those audiences. So we do that, whether it's reaching out proactively and saying, hey, this is a person that our audience totally respects and we need to make a connection with them and see if we can maybe get some content out of that connection."

"We get those people naturally coming to us saying, hey, you know, we love the thought leadership that you're sharing on this. We agree and we would love to be part of this contributor network that you are sharing, you know, people's perspectives on."

"A big piece of what we do on the content team is kind of police that a little bit and say, this is a great piece and we love the company's story, but we also need to be thinking about the audience that we are trying to reach and how to make this piece of content particularly actionable for them."

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